Love the color, the fact that the birds do play with the toys, some have great durability, while others really satisfy the urge to chew! - Christy H.
Hugs and I think that the toys Super Bird Creations make, are the best. So many things to chew on and climb all over. It keeps me busy and happy when mom is working on projects I shouldn't be getting into. – Sarah H.
Super Bird Creations has eye-catching toys that truly stand out from other companies. Most importantly, I am confident that these toys are safe for my birds. Secondly, my birds absolutely love them! - Jacqueline Marie L.
It's obvious that Super Bird does lots of analysis when creating different toys for different sizes/species, etc. I appreciate the thought that goes into the toys. – Karen A.
I want you to know that we consider your bird toys some of the finest available on the avian market today. Super Bird toys are really creative and innovative which makes them a joy to sell. Your line has proven itself to be safe and well made. Most of all, our customers birds enjoy playing with them. - Little Peepers Aviary
My senior partially blind Lutino cockatiel loves your toys. She has finally slowed down on pulling out her feathers and instead destroys your toys with glee. You guys rock!! - Traci W.
My parrot enjoys all the Super Bird Creations toys I have bought….he is a chewer and loves the bagels….he cannot get enough! The only toys he does not get bored with….I love your product just wish I could buy in bulk. – Dianne L.
I only recent got a parrotlet so have been purchasing toys online, i realized i was gravitating towards toys made by super bird; they were attractive while browsing but upon receipt they were high quality. my parrotlet Gia loved her snuggle, was surprised she climbed right in it her first night with us. – Kalimah N.
I love them. When shopping for my birds I am always drawn to Super Bird Creations toys because they are colorful and look the most fun! My birds (especially my Budgerigars) always find Super Bird Creations toys the most appealing as well. In the past month alone I have purchased multiple "What a Croc!", 3 foraging pails, beach bags, spring baskets, and a few "crazy daisies" too which seem to be a huge hit as well! - Misty T.
Excellent toys! Well-made, clever and the favorite of my budgies. Hands down, they’re the preferred toys of my birds. – Paula R.
They are my favorite line of toy, based solely on my bird's love and use of these toys. My parakeets adore the shredding/destructible toys, best...anything that allows them to use their beaks to chew, tear and feel! – Denise R.
My birds and I love the toys! They are unique toys that all my birds love. Super Bird toys are the best foraging toys out there! – Nikki J.
I love them, but my bird loves them more! I have such a hard time finding them in her size. All the Super Bird toys I find are for small birds so when I do find some her size I try to snatch up all I can! – Marcie W.
Stimulating, fun toys! My go-to brand. – Nicole M.
Great quality/price, nice variety, trusted brand, safe for all birds. – Sasha C.
Your toys are awesome! My first choice when purchasing toys for my birds. – Cara S.
Well made with materials I can trust, with the added bonus of Super Bird Creations being a Colorado company. – Carrie B.
Absolutely my (and my birds’) favorite toys. Hands down! – Lisa B.
I love the varieties, there are so many to choose from and everyone I have purchased our parrot Kilo just loves:) – Linda L.
Awesome toys, our guys love them, even the sanctuary birds (who some have never even had toys before) go nuts for Super Bird Toys. - Donna S.
I love the construction, I love the price; but best of all I love that the birds love them. When I buy Super Bird Creation Toys, I know my birds will play/eventually destroy them. - Theresa S.
My six parrots love your toys. My birds range from Senegal to large Macaw and some medium sized birds in between.
Great selection, price, and somewhat local to me. Love supporting Colorado businesses! Glad I found you guys!

About Super Bird Creations


Bird-Safety is our #1 Goal

Super Bird Creations responsibly sources the materials used in our products to ensure their quality and safety.

Our designs are further evaluated for any potential risks and field tested by our own precious flock.

As with kids, no toy is 100% safe for all birds. Use common sense and supervise your bird when you first give him a new toy and always be sure to purchase toys that are properly sized for your bird.

Avian Vet Approved

Avian Vet Approved

Super Bird Creations bird toys are recognized by avian experts as some of the safest available on the market.

We take great pride in our 30+ year track history of creating safe enrichment for parrots.

Our bird toys are recommended, distributed, and even purchased by avian vets for their own birds!


We Love to Make Birds Happy!

Our primary desire is to enrich the lives of pet birds by designing "Playthings with a Purpose". As such, we offer a variety of products to address the hardwired instinctual needs of captive birds to chew, forage and preen.

A diverse selection of stimulating colors, textures, shapes, and moveable parts is incorporated into our designs to make them of maximum interest to birds and their owners.


About Super Bird Creations

Super Bird Creations, inspired by a lifelong love of pet birds, was founded in 1992 with the goal of creating safe, fun, and stimulating toys for pet birds.

Since its inception, Super Bird Creations has grown to be one of the largest and most respected manufacturers of bird toys in the U.S.

Making this possible is a dedicated workforce of over 40 employees based in beautiful Colorado. Our formula for success has been simple, an unwavering commitment to quality, innovative design, and integrity.

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