We are taking steps to ensure safety for both you and our crew which are adding more time than usual to our shipping process. As a result, we are experiencing shipping delays on standard orders.

Our hardworking employees are doing their very best to deliver orders as safely and quickly as possible.

To play it safe, we are:

  • Reducing the number of employees in the workspace by adding and staggering shifts to non-overlapping groups to ensure social distancing
  • Increasing hygiene standards by:
    • Checking employee temperatures and for other symptoms upon arrival
    • Providing daily refresher training of crew members on CDC Guidelines
    • Ensuring a six-foot distance between crew members
    • Providing hand-sanitizing stations throughout the building
    • Continual cleaning of door handles, railings, and high-touch surfaces
    • Deep-cleaning our facility between shifts
    • Sanitizing all common spaces several times a day
    • Performing UV-C light sanitization throughout the facility between shifts 
Our Customers are Nothing Short of Amazing!

We sincerely regret that that orders are taking much longer than usual to ship and that we have not been able to live up to our own standards of performance. Throughout it all, the support, patience, and kindness of our wonderful customers has been noticed and greatly appreciated.  With so many small businesses struggling, we are thankful that we can still be there for you and your parrots and we are over-the-moon grateful that you are also there for us!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

About Super Bird Creations


Bird-Safety is our #1 Goal

Super Bird Creations responsibly sources the materials used in our products to ensure their quality and safety.

Our designs are further evaluated for any potential risks and field tested by our own precious flock.

As with kids, no toy is 100% safe for all birds. Use common sense and supervise your bird when you first give him a new toy and always be sure to purchase toys that are properly sized for your bird.

Avian Vet Approved

Avian Vet Approved

Super Bird Creations bird toys are recognized by avian experts as some of the safest available on the market.

We take great pride in our 30+ year track history of creating safe enrichment for parrots.

Our bird toys are recommended, distributed, and even purchased by avian vets for their own birds!


We Love to Make Birds Happy!

Our primary desire is to enrich the lives of pet birds by designing "Playthings with a Purpose". As such, we offer a variety of products to address the hardwired instinctual needs of captive birds to chew, forage and preen.

A diverse selection of stimulating colors, textures, shapes, and moveable parts is incorporated into our designs to make them of maximum interest to birds and their owners.


About Super Bird Creations

Super Bird Creations, inspired by a lifelong love of pet birds, was founded in 1992 with the goal of creating safe, fun, and stimulating toys for pet birds.

Since its inception, Super Bird Creations has grown to be one of the largest and most respected manufacturers of bird toys in the U.S.

Making this possible is a dedicated workforce of over 40 employees based in beautiful Colorado. Our formula for success has been simple, an unwavering commitment to quality, innovative design, and integrity.

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